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Welcome to Creative Louisiana

Creative Louisiana is where you'll find creative people of all walks of life. These are people passionate about transforming their dreams into reality, creating the future and making the world more beautiful, more authentic, more magical.


Welcome to Creative Louisiana

Creative Louisiana is where you'll find creative people of all walks of life. These are people passionate about transforming their dreams into reality, creating the future and making the world more beautiful, more authentic, more magical.

What is Creative Louisiana?

Creative Louisiana experiences are designed to connect and inspire the creative community of southern Louisiana.

We hold monthly events featuring talks with successful creatives, as well as the occasional special event. Our monthly events are generally held on the last Friday morning of every month, give or take a few. It's like professional development for creatives .. kick off your Friday with a fresh point of view.

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Join us for our next Creative Louisiana experience.

Jim Odom: Creative, Entrepreneur

Join us Friday, November 21 at the Baton Rouge Gallery to get up close and personal with Jim Odom, founder of PreSonus.

Click here for more information and reserve your seat!

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If you’re not at @WeAreCreativeLa this AM, you’re missing out. Best talk I’ve heard in a LONG time.
— Chelsea Brasted (@cabrasted via Twitter, Aug 29)

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Up Next


Up Next

Jim Odom   

Creative, Entrepreneur   

[ Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week ]

Join us for a special Entrepreneurship edition of Creative Louisiana.

Our featured speaker is Jim Odom, founder and chief strategy officer of PreSonus.

Jim Odom is a gigging musician and is credited with two RIAA-certified gold records, one certified platinum record, and two Ampex Golden Reel awards as a musician/ producer/engineer. In 1995, Odom’s desire for studio-quality—but affordable—pro audio gear led to the founding of PreSonus. 

Join us to hear Jim up close and personal. Whether you are a musician, a technologist, a creative of any stripe, or just want to get to know the man behind the global business that is changing the music industry, you'll find this event the perfect ending to the Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week 2014 lineup. 

Join us at 8:30 AM for complimentary coffee before the 9 AM presentation. Admission to the talk is free.

Date: November 21, 2014

Location: Baton Rouge Gallery, 1515 Dalrymple Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Reserve your seat below --


About Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week

BREW 2014 is a week-long series of events to celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation in the Baton Rouge Area.  Entrepreneurs in the region and state are encouraged to come together to work, learn, play, teach, and show off. Registration is now open.  More information on BREW events can be found at You can also follow BREW on Twitter and Facebook.

About Jim Odom

Jim Odom is the founder and Chief Strategy Officer for PreSonus, a leading designer and manufacturer of world-renowned hardware and software for live and recorded sound production, headquartered here in Baton Rouge, LA.   

At an early age, Odom earned a reputation as a hot guitarist, winning a Downbeat magazine musical performance competition and a full scholarship to the Berklee College of Music. At age 20 he joined Lousiana’s LeRoux, a band that already had two Top 10 hits. Odom also worked in several major recording studios, and is credited with two RIAA certified gold records and one platinum record.

Among other works, he wrote the closing track for National Lampoon’s European Vacation and performed music for the movie Dirty Dancing. He still performs with LeRoux today, playing festivals and backing other artists, including three records with Tab Benoit, one of which was a Grammy nominee.

Like all audio engineers and producers, Odom encountered technical problems during sessions that couldn't be solved with the tools at hand. This inspired him to enter LSU and earn a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science so that he could “make the gear that was in my head.” With this degree fresh in hand, Jim founded PreSonus in 1995, and designed their first product, the DCP-8, a patent earning, digitally controlled analog compressor/gate that could be used with an extremely popular, small-format mixing console that was currently on the market. This product earned Best in Show, at the National Association of Music Merchants convention where it debuted.  A string of commercially successful products soon followed, including critically acclaimed audio interfaces and microphone pre-amplifiers, and the StudioLive series of small-format digital mixing and recording consoles.  In recent years PreSonus has expanded beyond tools to help musicians make music, into tools for musicians to make a living with their music through the acquisition of the Nimbit direct-to-fan platform and integration of its technology into PreSonus music production products.  

There is a pattern to Odom’s success: use practical studio and performing experience to identify common technical problems and design innovative solutions to address those problems, then modify designs based on customer and industry feedback, all while delivering these products at affordable prices.

Today, as Chief Strategy Officer, Jim Odom is still the visionary spiritual leader of PreSonus, seeking affordable, high-quality solutions for working musicians, engineers, and producers and following the same principles that helped bring the company from his garage to the forefront of the music-technology industry.